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At Mountain Mechanics we love Volkswagens so much we specialise in them and have been passionately building, restoring and installing VW engines for more than fifteen years. We are also equipped with a range of specialty tools so can perform all the extra work you need, in house, to ensure you end up with your dream engine.

So whether you want to bring your Volkswagen engine back to life, restore it to its former glory or give it a whole new lease on life, we can help you. And whether you want a standard engine rebuild, a custom engine rebuild or simply have an idea on how you would like your engine to look and or sound, then contact us so we can have a chat and help you make it a reality.


"I wasn't too sure at first about a mobile mechanic. It seemed impossible that someone in a van would have the same resources as some mechanic established in a garage. But living out of town, it was worth a try and aren't I double lucky to have found Adam!

Not only do I have no more hassles trying to plan how to get my car into town which caused me to lose valuable work time, but he is also an absolute genius with my old Beetles. He knows the problem areas straight away, what to look for, and has the required patience and passion to fix these old cars. I know exactly what's going on, what needs to be done now and what any upcoming repairs might be. A mechanic like him, especially if you drive the cars I do, is a rare find these days."

Elke W. - Hartley Vale

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