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At Mountain Mechanics, we are all about you and your car. We provide you with friendly, honest and reliable customer service and provide your car with quality car servicing, repairs and parts. We take great pride in providing an outstanding service and always explain what needs to be done and why, provide and adhere to our quotes and never over charge, under service or take advantage.

We work on all makes and models and can perform log book services on new cars (that doesn't void your warranty), regular services as well as a wide range of repairs and maintenance to ensure your car continues to run its best.


Mountain Mechanics are Volkswagen specialists and work on everything from the Beetles and Kombis from the 1950s though to the new Golfs and Tiguans of today. Not only do we service and look after these vehicles, we also restore, build and install engines as well as have a range of specialty tools to perform all your engine machining needs, in house.   

Adam Law - Owner and Licensed Mechanics

Adam is the owner of Mountain Mechanics. He has over fifteen years experience as a licensed mechanic and prior to establishing Mountain Mechanics, has worked for multiple mechanical workshops, including the Volkswagen dealership. Adam enjoys travelling the Mountains and surrounding areas and being able to provide a more convenient mechanic service. In his spare time, Adam obsesses over all things Volkswagen as well as being able to chill out to watch anything sport orientated.

Lauren Law - Manager

Lauren works as an accountant by day and as the Mountain Mechanics manager by night. She looks after the accounts, assists with business development and most importantly, helps makes sure Adam is on his way to fix your car on time. Lauren also has a soft spot for Volkswagens and enjoys heading outdoors in her VW Tiguan.


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